10 Creative Ways to Hide Your Phone Number

Have you ever wanted to keep your privacy intact while sharing your phone number? Whether you’re dealing with spam calls or simply want to keep your contact information private, there are various creative ways to hide your phone number. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 10 unique methods to help you protect your privacy and maintain control over who has access to your phone number.

1. Use a Virtual Phone Number

One of the most effective ways to hide your phone number is by using a virtual phone number. Services like Google Voice or Skype allow you to create a separate phone number that you can use for calls and text messages without revealing your actual number. This is perfect for signing up for online services or giving out your number to strangers.

2. Enable Caller ID Blocking

Many smartphones and landline phones have the option to enable caller ID blocking. By turning on this feature, your phone number will appear as “Unknown” or “Restricted” to the person you’re calling. Keep in mind that this may not work for all calls, so be sure to check the settings on your phone.

3. Use a Call Forwarding Service

Another way to hide your phone number is by using a call forwarding service. This involves redirecting your calls through a different number before they reach your phone. Services like *67 can help you mask your number when making outgoing calls.

4. Sign up for a Disposable Phone Number

If you’re looking for a temporary solution to hide your phone number, consider signing up for a disposable phone number. Apps like Burner allow you to create a new number for a limited time and then dispose of it when you no longer need it.

5. Use a Calling Card

Calling cards are a great way to make calls without revealing your phone number. You can purchase these cards at convenience stores or online and use them to make calls without using your actual number. This is perfect for maintaining privacy while making important calls.

6. Change Your Phone Number Settings

Most smartphones have settings that allow you to customize how your phone number appears when making calls. You can change your caller ID settings to display a different number or withhold your number altogether. Check your phone’s settings for options on how to hide your number.

7. Use a Voice Over IP (VoIP) Service

VoIP services like WhatsApp or Viber offer a way to hide your phone number while making calls or sending messages over the internet. These services use your data connection instead of your phone’s network, allowing for more privacy when communicating with others.

8. Change Your Number with Your Carrier

If you’re constantly receiving unwanted calls or messages, consider changing your phone number with your carrier. This will give you a fresh start and help you avoid any unwanted contact from unknown sources. Be sure to inform your contacts of your new number to avoid any confusion.

9. Use a Disposable Email Service

For added privacy, consider using a disposable email service in conjunction with a temporary phone number. This way, you can communicate with others without revealing your personal contact information. Just be sure to use secure services to protect your privacy.

10. Be Mindful of Who You Share Your Number With

Lastly, be mindful of who you share your phone number with. Only give out your number to trusted individuals or reputable businesses. Avoid posting your number on public forums or social media platforms to reduce the chances of unwanted contact.


There you have it—10 creative ways to hide your phone number and protect your privacy. By utilizing these methods, you can maintain control over who has access to your contact information and avoid unwanted calls or messages. Which method do you find most effective? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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